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At the heart and soul of it all, New York Fashion Week

As I stated in my introduction, one of the reasons I started this blog was to force myself to take time out of my busy life to not only stop and smell the roses, but to share my experiences with anyone who cared to read about them. However, while Fashion Week provides this fashion publicist with a lot of beauty to cleanse the palate, it leaves me with very little time to actually share those tasty flavors on this blog. My posts have been severely lacking. I deeply apologize for this, and hope this one will be enough to tickle your taste buds.


Fellow bloggers doing their thing inside Lincoln Center

New York Fashion Week changes the entire energy of the city. No matter where you are, when you walk out onto the streets of Manhattan on that very first day, the vibe is different. The city is excited and everywhere you look you can see that people have stepped up their sartorial game. You don’t even need to set foot in Lincoln Center or Milk Studios to see the latest trends on display, as the streets are filled of those hoping to catch the lens of Scott Schumann or Mr. Newton and have their looks go viral.


Standout pieces at the Gemma Redux presentation at CIRCA

I was fortunate enough to be invited to the Gemma Redux presentation that was part of Circa at NYFW this year. The young label was started by Michigan-grown Rachel Dooley as a release from studying for the New York Bar exam; gotta love a designer with some serious brains to back her up. I was able to speak to the woman of the hour for just a few quick moments at the crowded presentation and was impressed by her easy-going attitude during what I’m sure was a stressful event. The laid-back persona must stem from the Midwestern background. 😉


Loving these colors for Fall/Winter 2012

The colors for Rachel’s Fall 2012 collection were STUH-nning. I particularly love the cascade necklace in the first photo. I overheard someone saying it reminded them of My Little Pony, and I totally agree. There is something so sweet and innocent about the gradient pastels. I almost want to slide down it the way the ponies slid down the rainbow in the opening sequence of the cartoon. The saturated pastels present in that playful program look like they will be a hot trend for the upcoming seasons. Maybe I should bring my ponies out of storage for outfit inspiration…


Statement pieces

The brand name means “reconstructed gems” in Latin. This particular collection was inspired by topography and the layers of the Earth. This theme is very apparent in the rich Mayan colors and unique stones. It was easy to guess who Rachel’s style icon might be before I even read it on Circa’s blog. The large cuffs and structured collar necklaces give the essence of Cleopatra, while maintaining the Indian inspiration of the season with the geological adornments.

I am so glad I had the chance to stop by and see the collection. There are some great statement pieces that are sure to spice up the typical all black New York emsemb once next fall rolls around. A special thanks to Rachel for the invite!




The hustle and bustle outside Lincoln Center on Day 5 of New York Fashion Week

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